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Bunim/Murray Productions is an Emmy Award-winning production company widely credited with creating the reality television genre. Their impressive programming resume includes The Real World, Road Rules, and Keeping Up with the Kardashians, among others. With three separate campuses, a consolidation was in order to streamline business operations and facilitate ongoing expansion.


The new 150,000 sq. ft. campus, comprised of 2 separate buildings, posed some exciting design challenges. Aesthetic preferences for large, open spaces and ceilings presented unique cabling infrastructure limitations, given the significant amount of technical cabling required to support more than 400 editors in the new building. A sophisticated conduit plan was implemented which utilized clever conduit placement, in-floor trenching, and underfloor cable routing to realize the Bunim/Murray’s aesthetic vision for the space while meeting the necessary technical requirements.


Bunim/Murray’s workflow hinges on the rapid editing of high quality video on tight deadlines, which makes fast access to high-performance shared data storage a necessity. A flexible, expandable fiber interconnect mesh was designed to link the two adjacent buildings of the new facility with the centralized high-performance storage systems located in the primary machine room. This design provides real-time access to shared storage as well as to live camera feeds from the live-action stage into multiple offices and conference rooms throughout the new facility.


Bunim/Murray’s new facilities include 348 video editing bays, 7 finishing bays, 10 audio editing / mix bays, 2 x 5.1 audio mix bays, a TV-show stage, and Master Control Room. In addition, 2 DI theaters serve as hybrid screening theaters / sound-mix stages as projects dictate.


Glendale, CA


IA Interior Architects

Production / Post