Mizzen Media | OHIO FILM GROUP
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OFG renovated a car dealership in downtown Columbus, OH to create a 7,000 square foot post-production, VFX and animation studio with an industry-leading 4K workflow. In addition, OFG works with the Columbus College of Art and Design’s Cinematic Arts and Animation faculty to provide real-world work experience and potential employment opportunities for CCAD’s students and graduates.


OFG’s facility consists of color, edit, graphics, and assist bays, an audio mix room, and a live room with a vocal booth – with space for additional bays and a 4k screening theater – and a KVM infrastructure allows cross-functionality for each bay. Partnered with Sohonet, OFG delivers media files at an ultra-high bandwidth connection to locations all over the world. One of OFG’s goals was to future-proof their facility and allow for rapid and sizable expansion beyond 4k. Likewise, their technology infrastructure includes robust design features to accommodate aggressive expansion as they continue to grow their Midwest market.


Columbus, OH

Production / Post