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Univision Radio is the largest Hispanic radio company in the United States and 8th largest radio company in the nation. They offer over the air and streaming radio services in a 24x7x365 on-air environment to a daily listener base larger than the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup and Daytona 500 combined.


• Decrease business overhead & increase advertising revenue by fully integrating live video‐streaming services and TV‐broadcasts with on‐air radio broadcasts and recording sessions.
• Move (17) radio studios to Culver City offices, add (6) new studios during 24x7x365 broadcasts with zero network downtime.
• Integrate legacy workflows with customized automation.
• Upgrade technology infrastructure to make Univision Radio Los Angeles the nation-wide radio hub.


A turn-key broadcasting infrastructure and automation system was successfully designed and installed to integrate Univision’s radio, TV broadcasting studios, and recording studios. The transition of (17) radio studios to their Culver City office building and the addition of (6) new studios was carefully planned and executed with zero network downtime during 24x7x365 broadcasts.


Univision Radio’s 32,500 sq. ft. Los Angeles facility now serves as their national radio hub, which they use to record and mix tracks for their other studio facilities nation-wide. A mirroring SAN between their LA, Miami, and Houston locations stores files locally in a RAID 5 array and allows the Univision team to collaborate with talent across the country. Univision LA’s new system also includes:


• 24x7x365 on‐air broadcasting environment: 23 radio studios, 8 recording studios, 2 pro‐tools mix rooms with fully integrated audio and video
• A radio routing infrastructure utilizing over 6.5 million cross-points (one of the world’s largest routing infrastructures).
• 2,560 x 2,560 squared audio router, 35-rack system fully synchronized with GPIO, broadcast delays, audio loggers, play-out devices, satellite closures for XM Radio to trigger worldwide local advertising, and over-the-air transmission capabilities to six different transmitter sites.
• Full and completely redundant RCS Zetta automation, traffic and scheduling systems.


Directly following this integration, Univision experienced such a sizable decrease in business overhead and increase in advertising revenue that they have implemented this system design as a nation-wide company upgrade directive.


Los Angeles, CA